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6th Sunday of Easter

Posted by Fr. Matt on May 23, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Fr.Matt’s Corner:  ... and make ourdwelling with him …


Happy Easter to all of my favoritepeople!  Today is holy to the Lord, ourGod.  In the midst of all that hasbefallen our community over the past couple of weeks, we have been hearinggreat Good News from our Lord:  “Behold, God’s dwelling is with the humanrace.  He will dwell with them and they willbe His people and God himself will always be with them as their God.  He will wipe every tear from their eyes, andthere shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain, for the old orderhas passed away.” And today:  “Whoever loves Me will keep My Word, and myFather will love him, and We will come to him and make Our dwelling with him.

God is with us.  As that old hymn resounds:  “No storm can shake my inmost calm, while tothat Rock I’m clinging.  Since Love isLord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?”  We are now in this last portion of the Easterseason, and Mother Church is preparing us for two major events in the historyof the universe:  The Ascension of ourLord back into heaven – after which we will no longer see Him as He was duringHis earthly life (until that day when we meet Him face-to-face) – and theDescent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

These will be the next two Sundayson our calendar.  Next Sunday isAscension Thursday (don’t even try to figure that one out – I’ve alreadytried), and the following Sunday is Pentecost. Seen in light of one another, these two great feasts of the Church year– which come so close together – teach us (among other things) that God is withus even when He’s not – or rather, when it seems that He’s not.

That’s what the Church is allabout.  In God’s great plan, He wants usto know this – not only in our minds (which is certainly important), but alsoin our guts (our hearts).  TheSacraments, the Church’s teaching, the Bible, the Church’s hierarchicalstructure, the unity that we (are meant to) have in the Church’s Faith, theLove that we (are commanded to) share as Jesus’ disciples – all these thingsand more have been ordained by the Father and instituted by Jesus Christ tohelp us to share in the life of the Holy Spirit.  That is, to help us to know that God is withus.

If God is with us, whom should wefear?  Since the time of the Apostles andthe early Church fathers – who were all persecuted and/or martyred for ourFaith – God has been with us in and through the Catholic Church.  That union between Jesus and His Bride (theChurch – that holy city Jerusalem comingdown out of heaven from God) is so profound and deep that throughouthistory, She has been able to say confidently such bold things as:  ‘It isthe decision of the Holy Spirit and of us…’

Hoohoo, what joy and peace to knowthat God Himself speaks through the Church. What inmost calm we have – knowing that Jesus and His Father have cometo “make Our dwelling with[us]”. 

Peace to all of you, my friends,this Holy Day, and to all who love the Lord in simplicity of heart,

Fr. Matt


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