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Fr. Matt
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Why do we have to learn about God?

June 12, 2014 at 11:22 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Fr. Matt
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Posts: 382

     Our question this week comes from one of our younger students in religious education. It’s an honest question; it’s a child’s question; therefore, it’s both a good and important question. Therefore, it – like always – will be a joy to attempt a response here, so as always, thanks for asking!

     I think your question contains within it two questions. The first is: why do we have to learn? The second: why do we have to learn about God? In seeing these 2 questions side by side, I’ve learned something here, so thanks for teaching me! By asking your question (which has taught me something), you have brought joy to my soul. What you have taught me is that we must learn because we are human persons. You, of course, knew that already (even if you didn’t know that you knew) – because you asked a question.

     You see, God has created us with an intellect that seeks to learn. Our minds are hungry for knowledge – for Truth – for GOD. That’s why we ask questions. Try to go one day without asking any questions. No, wait, don’t try this! If you do, you will have a very sad day. We need to learn because we are human persons, and that’s (one of the things) that humans are created to do. In fact, we not only ask questions, but we – in a very real sense – are questions (every one of us is a question begging for an answer).

     Who am I? What am I doing here? How did I get here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Why? And even if I start to get the answer to all of these questions, there’s many more! Who are you? And you? And you? And who are we? And who are they? And are we the same? And are we different? And will this ever end? (Of course, everyone who’s ever met a 3-year-old knows that the questions never end!)

     Last weekend, we celebrated the canonization of Saint John Paul II (the Great) who said this:  "Jesus (God) is that answer to which man (and woman) is the question!"  I would say, then, that this is why we have to learn about God. And this is why we have to learn. Because we are human persons, we need to learn; and because God is the answer to (and the source of) our questions, we need to learn about God!

     Thanks for another great question. Thanks for bringing me that much closer to God! If you have further questions or insights into this one, please share them online at our website under “Ask Father” in the “Forums” section (www.stanthonyniagara.org). And keep those questions coming! May God bless you throughout this Easter season!



Fr. Matt

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