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Fr. Matt
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The end of Psalm 62 goes like this:

For God has said only one thing; only two do I know: (1) That to God alone belongs power, (2) and to You, Lord, love, (3) and that You repay each man according to his deeds.

To this I have only one thing to say; only two will I mention … (1) that I still count on my fingers, (2) I hated math, (3) I laugh whenever I read this Psalm verse.

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Fr. Matt
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Posts: 382

     Let me give credit where credit is due: Thank you (whoever you are) for this submission which made me join you in laughter. I too have often wondered about this one – it’s reminiscent of the line in Job when he addressed God in chapter 40: Look, I am of little account; what can I answer you? I put my hand over my mouth. I have spoken once, I will not reply; twice, but I will do so no more. To all of this, I can only make one point in answer to your question.

     First, we can say that God has said only one thing (as the psalm indicates). The one thing that God has said (and is and will always say) is His Word. The Word of God is … JESUS. It is in speaking this one eternal Word that God creates everything that is and through whom God does everything that He does. It is in Him and through Him that everything exists.

     Second, as we can see above, the one thing that God has said (Jesus) continues to have countless effects. As Jesus (the Word of God) became flesh and made His dwelling among us, He told us many things. All these things we can now know and speak to one another.

     Third, Jesus has revealed to us that God (to whom all power belongs) is Love. It is by our love, then (or our lack thereof) that we will be judged when that hour comes. For the deeds of love in which we have participated, we will be given more love; for the deeds of love that we denied, we will be denied love.

     I suppose there’s much more that we could say on the matter, but these are the only thing I’ll point out here. Thanks for another great question; and, as always, if you have further questions or insights or another way of looking at this question, please log on to www.stanthonyniagara.org in the “Ask Father” section of the forums to share your thoughts. Until next week, may God bless you and your loved ones!



Fr. Matt

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