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Fr. Matt
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What are angels, and what role do they play in our life?

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Fr. Matt
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Posts: 382

          Angels – I have long wondered about them myself, and as I’ve grown greatly in both my awareness and fondness of them, your question leads me to explore even more these strange friends of ours. So, as always, thanks for asking such a great question! To be sure, not all angels are our friends – some of them are our most lethal enemies. So, let’s take a closer look.

          Angels are purely spiritual beings that God created. In the Creed, we profess our knowledge that God has created all things – both the visible and the invisible. Rocks and water and broccoli and jack pines and puppies and stingrays are all purely material – and as such are part of the visible realm of God’s creation. We human beings are both material and spiritual – hence, we are visible (yet only the material parts of us are actually visible). Angels are purely spiritual, and hence invisible – although they can (if God wills) become visible to us.

          From the first moment of creation, God created all the angels. We know the names of some of them: Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel … oh, and Lucifer. We don’t know how many there are in all – although there are probably lots and lots of them! Each angel is its own species, and they are arranged in what we call ‘choirs’. That doesn’t just mean that they sing together (they do, of course), but it refers to the fact that they exist in a hierarchy of sorts. That means that there are some exist at a higher pitch (to play with the ‘choir’ metaphor) while some have lower abilities and are – in a manner of speaking – further removed from the Divine Flame of Love (God).

          Each angel was created by God for some great purpose in His Great Plan. Somehow or other, each angel’s mission is related to Jesus’ coming to be our Savior, and that’s where our relationship with the angels comes into play. For example, each one of us has a guardian angel who (from the first moment of time until the end of time) has one mission – to bring you into relationship with Jesus so that you can be with God in Heaven! It may be that there is an angel assigned even to every star, planet, molecule or even subatomic particle – to make sure that it obeys God’s laws of nature.

          In any event, many angels are friends of both God and us, and they can be of great help to us – strengthening us against temptation, encouraging us against despair, leading us in the ways of God. There are those, however, who chose not to serve God – and they hate us with a viciousness that cannot be described here. They are called demons and will lie and deceive and tempt and attack and seek to shroud us in their own darkness. Even these, however, cannot finally disobey a direct command from God or one of His emissaries. As they try to pull us toward their eternal sadness, God sends His angels (and His saints) to guide us to His Kingdom of Light.

          Yours is such a great question that there is much more to be said, but I pray that this has been at least a good start. As always, if you have further questions or insights or another way of looking at this question, please log on to www.stanthonyniagara.org in the “Ask Father” section of the forums to share your thoughts. Until next week, may God bless you and your loved ones!



Fr. Matt

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