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Fr. Matt
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How was God made? He made the earth and us, but who made God?

October 2, 2014 at 10:42 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Fr. Matt
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Posts: 382

          Second-grade questions are always the best, and this is one of those: deep, honest, searching, exuberant, clever, and … therefore, a great joy to jump into! Get ready, ‘cause this question and its answer are going to be delightfully dizzying …

          You are right in recognizing that God made the earth and us – and everything else besides! Everything that ever was, everything that is, and everything that ever will be is all from God. This piece of paper (or computer or phone screen) that you are looking at right now as you read this … it owes its existence to God. We can imagine a world in which it did not exist. In fact, we can make that happen with a match or a hammer or any number of other things – which themselves do not necessarily have to exist (but, please … at least finish reading this before you do anything to make this paper or screen no longer exist – otherwise, how will we ever get to the answer?!)

          This paper (or screen) was made by someone else from something else. But that someone else and that something else (and you and I, for that matter) also don’t have to exist – we can imagine a world in which they and we didn’t (well, except that if we didn’t, then we couldn’t imagine it … but that’s another question perhaps …). You and I and they all came from others. In the case of you and I, that “others” is our parents and the food that they ate and the food that we have eaten and the air that they and we have breathed and a whole lot more (and that’s only considering the material part of you and me and them – our souls are directly created by God Himself … but that’s also probably another question).

          Everything that is (or was or will be) had a beginning somewhere sometime. There was a time when everything was not. Everything that is (or was or will be) changes over time and will not be like it is or was. Everything came from something else. That applies to you and me and everything else. So, what about God? Nothing comes from nothing – that’s true. But, it just so happens that God is NO THING. If we might imagine everything (past, present, and future – the whole universe) as a chain (or more accurately, an array) of dominoes arranged so that the falling of one domino affects all the others, then God is not the 1st domino. Rather, God is the One who arranges them, begins the motion (knocking over the 1st domino), oversees the whole process, makes the necessary corrections when they don’t cooperate (as if our imaginary dominoes could have free will), AND, God is the gravity that does the work in each domino.

          In other words, God made everything because everything needed making, and without God’s making, there is nothing. But God didn’t need making because God is NO THING. There was never a time when He was not – God is the One Who Always IS!

          Whew, I hope that this woefully inadequate answer gives at least a little insight into the wonderful mystery opened up by your outstanding question! As always, if you have further questions or insights or another way of looking at this question, please log on to www.stanthonyniagara.org in the “Ask Father” section of the forums to share your thoughts. Until next week, may God bless you and your loved ones!



Fr. Matt

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