Sun. 3/24 8:30 AM Confessions
9:00 AM St. Anthony Mass
10:30 AM Sacred Heart Confessions
11:00 AM Sacred Heart Mass
Mon. 3/25 12:00 PM Food Pantry
Tue. 3/26 4:30 PM St. A Confession, Adoratoin, Rosary
5:00 PM Stations of the Cross - StM

Every Tuesday at 5pm at St. Margaret during lent

5:30 PM St. Anthony Mass
5:45 PM St Anthony Finance Council Mtg

6:15 PM Neocatechumenal Way WORD
Wed. 3/27 4:30 PM No MASS - Fr. Ubald in Antigo
6:00 PM RE - Vocation Awareness at Martyrs

Vocation Awareness for grades 7-8 at American Martyrs in Kingsford

6:10 PM RE CLASSES 3rd-12th
Thu. 3/28 9:00 AM Weekday Mass at Maryhill

Our Thursday morning weekday Mass is held at Maryhill nursing home up the hill (behind the 1st National Bank of Niagara) in Niagara

4:30 PM St. A Confession, Adoration, Rosary
5:30 PM Family Night of Prayer - Healing Mass
Fri. 3/29 8:00 AM St. M Confessions, Adoration, Rosary
9:00 AM St. Margaret Mass
Sat. 3/30 3:00 PM St. Margaret confessions
4:00 PM St. Margaret Mass
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