St. Anthony Finance Council Members: Bill Moreau - Treasurer Trustee, , Dan Decker - Accountant, Lori Champeau - Chairman, Debbie Wodenka, Jim Hoogland, Carrie Geldmeyer

St. Anthony Pastoral Council Members: Ann Brasure - Chair, Becky Aderman - Secretary Trustee, Mary Martin, Patty Kinsella, Betty Bock, Fr. Lightner

Please see calendar for Pastoral and Finance Council Meeting dates.  All parishioners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

2021 June Finance Council 

2021 March Tri-Parish Finance 

2021 January Tri-Parish Finance Council

2021 January Parish Council - StA

2020 November Finance Council

2020 Annual Parish Reports

2020 August Finance Council

2020 Feb Finance Council

2020 Jan Finance Council

2020 Jan Parish Council

2019 Dec Finance Council

2019 Nov Parish Council

2019 Oct Finance Council

2019 Sept Finance Council

2019 June Pastoral Council

2019 May Pastoral Council

2019 April Pastoral Council

2019 March Pastoral Council

2019 January Pastoral Council

2018  December Pastoral Council

2018 November Pastoral Council

2018 September Pastoral Council