St. Anthony of Padua

Site: 1432 River St. Niagara, WI 

Mailing: 1432 River St. Niagara, WI 54151


St. Margaret of Scotland

Site: N18844 Hwy 8 & 141 Pembine, WI 

Mailing: PO Box 235, Pembine, WI 54156


Sacred Heart of Jesus

Site: W782 County N, Aurora, WI

Mailing: 1432 River St. Niagara, WI 54151


Serving all three parishes: Fr. Felix Abano, Jr. (Temporary Administrator)

Please disregard any texts or emails stating Fr. Felix is asking for money or gift cards. Keep in your prayers the people who prey on the love and concern we have for our priests as they seek financial gain. 

Calendar of Events


Saturday 4:00 pm - St. Margaret

Sunday 9:00 am - St. Anthony

Sunday 11:00 am - Sacred Heart  

WEEKDAY MASS (see calendar above for any changes)

Monday - no Mass

Tues.  5:30 pm @ St. Anthony, Niagara

Wed. 5:30 pm @ St. Anthony   (8:00 am after Memorial Day until Labor Day)

Thurs. 5:30 pm @ Sacred Heart, Aurora

Friday 9:00 am @ St. Margaret, Pembine

1st Saturday of the Month 9:00 am - St. Anthony  

Confessions: 1/2 hour prior to Masses (except Wednesday morning and Sunday at Sacred Heart)  

Adoration: 1 hour prior to weekday Masses (except Wednesday morning)

If you would like to have a Mass intention please contact the offices.  All parishes are taking Mass intentions.

Please note that Masses may be cancelled/changed without notice. Please be assured that if you had a Mass intention on that day it will be rescheduled.

Please watch bulletin and calendar for changes


Assistance Contact information:

 Karen’s Pantry: 906-239-4662 (once a month food, once a year help with heat or electric bills, gas cards for travel to medical care.)

 St. Vincent de Paul of Crivitz: 715-856-6020 (Rent assistance, security deposit, utilities, car repairs, cell phone bills, water heater. They will also partner with other services to help.)

 Catholic Charities: 920-272-8234 (Online mental health counseling, child & family services, financial health services, help with auto and/or furnace repair) 800-242-7334 (Car repairs, rent assistance, crisis help, homeless prevention, re-housing, homeowner assistance, weatherization, financial budgeting)

 Forward Service Corporation ( or call Niagara location: 715-251-1075 (Resources include cash for housing, education, transportation, building a career, family support, emergency assistance.)

 Marinette County Energy Assistance: 800-506-5596 (Emergency fuel assistance, counseling for energy conservation, pro-active co-payment plans, emergency furnace repair and replacement)

 Modest Needs ( (Provides short-term financial assistance to those in temporary crisis situations who are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance)

Safe Environment

Each person has an inherent dignity as a beloved child of God. The Diocese of Green Bay is committed to providing a safe environment in our parishes, in our schools, in our Faith Formation programs, and in all of our ministries, especially those that serve children, youth and individuals at risk. If you want to learn more about the programs and resources available through the Diocese of Green Bay to live out this commitment click here.

To report a Safe Environment Incident click here