Religious Education and Sacramental Prep Coordinator

 Dawn Johnson

Donna Henrichs, Assistant

phone: 715-251-1773


Faith Formation is so important and must continue beyond Religious Education classes. If you would like to grow your relationship with God but need some help or advice on where to begin, feel free to contact Dawn. We have books, programs, and can recommend other sources for quality Adult Faith Formation opportunities. 




Our diocese has just subscribed to a massively helpful new outreach by the Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University of Steubenville. We are now able to offer mentor-based online formation for every person in ministry – clergy, catechists, school teachers, youth ministers, adult group leaders, volunteers, even (and especially) parents. It is free to all, with unlimited access. This program provides the most in-depth and faithful array of formative workshops ever created. With 130+ workshops available, we are now able to thoroughly train and spiritually nurture you in passing on the faith. 

Here’s how to get registered:

  1. Visit by clicking on the link, copying and

pasting, or typing it into your web browser.

  1. Click “create a new account”.
  2. Enter your information into the required fields and select the green “Create new account”

button at the bottom of the page (all fields with an * are required).

  1. Next, select your diocese and your parish or school from the available drop-down list.
  2. Click select the “Sign up.” This will take you to your dashboard, where you can begin exploring

all that has to offer.

  1. We recommend:
  2. That you locate the track(s) your diocese has created for you (located as institutional

tracks on the left side of the “Start Learning” section on your dashboard), if any.

  1. Explore the other workshops that are available to you.