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Saint Anthony of Padua Parish’s sole purpose and mission is to worship God with tradition, reverence, sacredness, piety and devotion. The Most Holy Eucharist is the means by which we immolate ourselves to the crucified and risen Lord Jesus. In these upcoming years of the Diocese of Green Bay’s emphasis on worshiping Jesus, it is my hope you encounter Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  --Fr. Quinn Mann

 "Picture then the High Priest leaving the sacristy of heaven for the altar of Calvary. He has already put on the vestment of our human nature, the maniple of our suffering, the stole of the priesthood, the chasuble of the Cross, Calvary is His cathedral; the rock of Calvary is the altar stone; the sun turning to red is the sanctuary lamp; Mary and John are the living side altars; the Host is His Body; the wine is His Blood. He is upright as a Priest, yet He is prostrate as Victim. His Mass is about to begin.”  

--Calvary and the Mass; A Missal Companion